Class of 2024

Robert Armstrong

Robert Armstrong, DO

Medical School: Touro University
Undergraduate: UC Davis
Clinical Interests: Patient education and health ownership, Team and leadership dynamics, Pedagogy, Obstetrical health, De-stigmatization of mental health

"At John Muir, family physicians are equipped to fulfill a contemporary and reimagined role as leaders of dynamic care teams; teams that are patient centered, built to bridge deficits in access and continuity, to promote health and prevent disease."


Jenny Chen

Jenny Chen, DO

Medical School: Midwestern
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley
Clinical Interests: Hospice and palliative medicine, underserved medicine, behavioral health, adolescent medicine, and addiction medicine.

"I chose John Muir Health because of its commitment towards serving the community and the underserved population, along with its strong emphasis on the Clinic First model. I also fell in love with how kind and passionate the faculty and staff are, which allows for a safe environment to learn and grow."


Emily Lin

Emily Lin, MD

Medical School: UCLA
Undergraduate: USC
Clinical Interests: LGBTQ+ health, healthcare advocacy, medical education, lifestyle medicine

"I chose John Muir Health because of the people! I am so happy to be working with faculties who are excellent role models dedicated to providing the training, resources, and guidance to help us provide the best care we can for our patients, as well as all my colleagues who treat each other like family and create a supportive work environment."


Hector Montoya

Hector Montoya, MD

Medical School: UCLA
Undergraduate: UCLA
Clinical Interests: Sports Medicine, Underserved Medicine

"I chose John Muir Family Medicine because of our forward-thinking Program Director (Dr. Fish) and administration, innovative clinic-first model that focuses on outpatient medicine, commitment to underserved patients while working in a well-resourced environment, impressive and friendly attendings and residents, and because we are located in a beautiful and safe location in the Bay Area. In short, I really felt the vibe and energy here. I had the feeling that this relatively new residency program was already a well-run organization, and I want to eventually help it become one of the best Family Medicine residencies in the country."


Natalie Del Favero

Natalie Del Favero, MD

Medical School: Dartmouth University
Undergraduate: USC
Clinical Interests: Behavioral Health, Lifestyle Medicine, Global Health, Medical Education, POCUS

"I chose John Muir because of their clinic first model and commitment to listen to patient needs. I was impressed by the inclusivity and welcoming learning environment."


Michelle Hao

Michelle Hao, MD

Medical School: Keck University
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley
Clinical Interests: community advocacy, pediatrics, geriatrics, mental health, dermatology and minor procedures

"I chose John Muir Health because of the commitment which it has invested in its residents and its community members. I feel well-supported by residency program leaders, faculty and co-residents alike. I also feel a strong bond towards the community that JMH serves, and I highly value the ample opportunities for community engagement and leadership here."


Mandeep Pabla

Mandeep Pabla, DO

Medical School: Rowan University
Undergraduate: UC San Diego
Clinical Interests: MSK, women's health, community medicine

"I chose John Muir Health because of its emphasis on the clinic first model, which prioritizes fostering strong, compassionate patient-physician relationships, developing a diverse range of skills, and building a community. As a Bay Area native, I am excited to work with passionate and innovative leaders who serve the vulnerable populations in our communities through integrative health and focus on the entire individual- mind, body and spirit."


Shayan Senaati

Shayan Senaati, DO

Medical School: Western University
Undergraduate: UCLA
Clinical Interests: Musculoskeletal, sports medicine, preventative medicine, point-of-care ultrasound, outpatient procedures, behavioral health, and chronic pain management.

"I chose John Muir Health because of the cohesive culture of compassion I felt from the inspiring residents I met, and I believed in the innovative mindset I saw implemented throughout the program. I felt the "Clinic First" approach, enthusiastic faculty, and overall curriculum structure most aligned with my optimal learning pathway as a resident. I also hoped to serve and learn from a comprehensive range of patients, across the socioeconomic spectrum. I am confident that my medical training at JMH will help transform me into a dynamic physician leader prepared for the continually evolving future of practicing the art of medicine."


Class of 2025

Eugenia Jernick

Eugenia Jernick, DO

Medical School: Rocky Vista University
Undergraduate: Saint Louis University 
Clinical Interests: Behavioral Health, Sports Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine.

"I chose John Muir Health because they provide an excellent education in Behavioral Health and Community Health while putting an emphasis on outpatient care. The educators in the program are dedicated to mentoring residents and helping them succeed."


Patricia Matus

Patricia Matus, DO

Medical School: Western University
Undergraduate: UC Davis
Clinical Interests: Hospice and Palliative Care, Pediatrics, Women’s Health, Motivational Interviewing, Mentorship and Teaching.

"I chose John Muir Health because the program prioritizes creating incredible doctors from its residents that are well-rounded and fluent in culturally competent medical care. During my sub-I, I saw how much effort Dr. Fish and the rest of the residency faculty and staff put into creating physicians who will advocate for their patients and provide the best possible care. Additionally, I wanted a program that had strong outpatient training, and during my sub-I, I saw that the program has created a really fantastic curriculum to make sure I’m ready to be an outstanding outpatient doctor by the end of residency."


Helen Meng

Helen Meng, DO

Medical School: Touro University
Undergraduate: UCLA
Clinical Interests: Adolescent Medicine, Community-Based Medicine and Preventive Medicine.

"I chose John Muir Health for a large number of reasons, namely the wonderful people that make up the residency program. I grew up as a John Muir patient and I love their emphasis as a health system on the patient experience. As a residency program, the strong commitment to a clinic-first model and the supportive environment made my experience as a 4th year clerk amazing. As a result, I knew I wanted to come back to grow and thrive as a future family physician. I know my training here will help me gain the confidence and skills to become a strong health advocate for my patients and I am excited to be a part of the John Muir family."


Aryo Sorayya

Aryo Sorayya, MD

Medical School: Virginia Tech
Undergraduate: Stanford University
Clinical Interests: Community Leadership and Advocacy, Behavioral Health, Women’s Health, and Global Health.

"I chose John Muir Health because during my sub-internship at John Muir last August, I immediately felt at home. All the residents, faculty, and staff showed me kindness and made me feel part of the team. Not only did I have the chance to take care of the community that raised me, but I was also able to work with Farsi-speaking patients dear to my heart. When I envision a future at John Muir, I imagine my favorite football team winning the national championships—and I want to be a part of that team."


Danielle Tucker

Danielle Tucker, DO

Medical School: Touro University
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley
Clinical Interests: Preventative Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Behavioral Health, Pediatrics, Prenatal Care and Integrative Medicine.

"I chose John Muir because of its dedication to training excellent primary care physicians, the emphasis on integrated behavioral health, and the opportunity to gain extra training in lifestyle medicine. Having grown up nearby, I knew John Muir’s reputation for providing high quality care, and I was confident that I would receive great training there."


David Vuu

David Vuu, DO

Medical School: Touro University
Undergraduate: UC San Diego
Clinical Interests: Sports Medicine, Procedures, Preventative Medicine, and Patient Education.

"I chose family medicine because I believed it offered the best opportunity to have continuity of care and develop long-lasting relationships with patients. I want to be able to follow patients throughout their different stages of life and be a part of their healing process from the moment I meet them and into their later years in life. I also enjoy the diverse patient population (pediatrics, adult medicine, geriatrics, women’s health, behavioral health) that family medicine has to offer."


Kasey Wyatt

Kasey Wyatt, MD

Medical School: University of South Florida
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley
Clinical Interests: Procedures, Pediatrics, and Women’s Health.

"I chose John Muir because of their clinic first model and their dedication to training strong outpatient Family Medicine physicians. I am incredibly grateful to continue my training in such a supportive environment."


Hannah Yemane

Hannah Yemane, MD

Medical School: University of California San Francisco
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley
Clinical Interests: Health Equity.

"I choose John Muir Health because John Muir Health allows me to serve historically marginalized populations in my community."


Class of 2026

Dennis (Dan) Chou

Dennis (Dan) Chou, DO

Medical School: Touro University 
Undergraduate: Duke University 
Clinical Interests: Preventive medicine, community health, mental health, adolescent health, medical education

"I chose John Muir Health because of the program’s Clinic First Model and strong emphasis on outpatient training. The program promotes a culture of interprofessional collaboration, in which family physicians work together with other health care experts from different backgrounds to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care. In addition, I had the privilege of completing a clerkship experience at John Muir Health and witnessing first-hand the supportive environment that the program fosters. I knew I wanted to return to continue working with and learning from this innovative team of faculty and staff, who inspire me to be the best physician that I can be."


Nida Fatima

Nida Fatima, DO

Medical School: New York Institute 
Undergraduate: UC Irvine 
Clinical Interests: full spectrum medicine, minor procedures, women’s health, reproductive health and family health 

"The main reason why I chose John Muir Health was because of the people who make up the community. I quickly recognized the program’s emphasis on building a strong family that supports one another’s personal and professional goals. After watching faculty members and residents laugh and bond together, I realized that at John Muir Health I can aspire for an enlightening, challenging, and incredibly exciting life as a resident."


Suzie Lee

Suzie Lee, DO

Medical School: Kansas City University 
Undergraduate: Troy University 
Clinical Interests: Preventative care, women’s health, OB, pediatrics, hospital medicine, sports medicine, procedures, full spectrum practice 

"I had the opportunity to complete a sub-i at JM as a medical student. From day one, I felt welcomed, supported and valued as part of the care team. Interview process felt like reconnecting with old friends, and everyone was genuine in their conversations and interactions. I know I will be getting excellent training at JM to equip me to help my patients. I also love the bay area and its diversity. I’m excited to soon be training with and learn from such a great team of healthcare providers!"


Dennis Li

Dennis Li, MD 

Medical School: Rush Medical School 
Undergraduate: University of California Los Angeles 
Clinical Interests: lifestyle medicine, mental health, emergency medicine, wilderness medicine and sports medicine. 

"It is my goal as an attending physician to continue fostering long-term relationships, promoting preventative care, and taking care of multiple generations of patients in an outpatient setting. John Muir Health’s Family Medicine Residency Program fits this build perfectly. As an unopposed program, its family medicine residents can work directly with attending physicians to maximize learning from their expertise and train as a full-spectrum physician to prepare me for when I eventually go out on my own. With their emphasis on outpatient clinic, I can build my patient panel from the very beginning of my residency. The residency clinic first/practice PLUS model will provide me with some of the strongest practice-based training in Family Medicine"


Jahnavi Meka

Jahnavi Meka, MD

Medical School: Drexel University 
Undergraduate: Drexel University 
Clinical Interests: Preventive medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, integrative medicine, and global health 

"I chose John Muir Health because of its emphasis on the innovative Clinic First model, with its strong focus on team-based outpatient care. As a Bay Area native, I hope to serve and learn to address the needs of the diverse local communities in this area, alongside my co-residents, attendings, and office staff."


Danielle Nelson Weiss

Danielle Nelson Weiss, DO

Medical School: Touro University 
Undergraduate: California Polytechnic University Pomona 
Clinical Interests: Healthcare leadership, reproductive justice, gender affirming medicine, family planning and abortion, prenatal and obstetrics, pediatrics, integrative preventative medicine, community healthcare access and advocacy, osteopathic manipulative medicine 

"I chose John Muir Health because of the strong training in outpatient family medicine using the clinic first model, as well as the program’s dedication to local community organizations and patient advocacy."

Jasmine Nguyen

Jasmine Nguyen, DO

Medical School: Touro University 
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley 
Clinical Interests: Lifestyle medicine, patient education, integrative medicine, community medicine 

"I am drawn to John Muir’s unique Clinic First Practice PLUS model which emphasizes excellent outpatient care and community service. The community outreach opportunities, especially the John Muir Mobile Health Clinic, allows me to give back and better understand the needs of the community I will serve. Additionally, the commitment to shaping residents into future leaders with the leadership track and diverse rotation environments will allow me to customize my training and prepare me for my career interests in an outpatient setting. The supportive and uplifting culture at John Muir further solidified my desire to take part in this program."


Deepa Srinivasan

Deepa Srinivasan, DO

Medical School: New York Institute 
Undergraduate: University of California Los Angeles 
Clinical Interests: Outpatient procedures, lifestyle medicine, community and preventative health, gender-affirming care, osteopathic manipulative medicine, mentorship 

"I chose John Muir because it was clear to me since before my interview day that the residents, faculty, and staff went above and beyond to be supportive. I am so grateful to have matched at a program that is so thoughtfully & innovatively designed to help future family physicians thrive—sustainable community health, integrated behavioral health, advocacy, diverse patient population, integration into a multidisciplinary care team, and much more. As a Bay Area native, I’m even happier to get to return home!"