The Ideal Resident

We are continuously asked, "Who is John Muir Health's ideal resident?" Beyond the standard eligibility criteria such as test scores and academic performance, we are most interested in individuals as a whole.

Our residents are active participants in the creation of programs, curricula, partnerships and environments that promote patient-centered care and improve patient safety.

Key characteristics we seek in ourselves, our staff, our faculty and our residents include:

  • Commitment to a larger purpose, including the John Muir Health Residency team, our community and the patients we are privileged to serve
  • Compassionate leadership, with the ability to step up and lead when needed and follow when it's time to follow
  • Pioneers who aspire to co-create our Residency Program with innovative ideas and collaborative relationships that result in positive changes in healthcare delivery
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic, a commitment to patients and colleagues, an enthusiasm for learning and a sense of humor
  • Individuals who are courageous enough to be themselves
  • Teammates who contribute to our diverse team and respect individual and cultural beliefs, values and perspectives
  • Smart, forward thinking risk-takers who can own their mistakes and learn from them; open to change and humble enough to change themselves
  • Members who continually strive for life-long learning and personal and professional development